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Dean Foreword

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Hasanuddin (FEB) is the first economics faculty in Indonesia established since 1948. Faculty of Hasanuddin University has a vision to be a "Center for Economic and Business Education Leading international repute". In achieving this vision FEB Unhas fully committed to shaping the character and scholars superior beings who are ready to compete in the global arena and participate in advancing the economy of the Republic of Indonesia and also to preserve and develop knowledge in the field of economics and business knowledge for the benefit of the community especially the Indonesian Maritime Continent. In achieving these targets, FEB Unhas committed to provide quality learning, supported by 127 professional teaching team consisting of 19 professors,

Along with the development of technology and the globalization of education, FEB Unhas helped improve itself and consistently implement quality improvement through accreditation of national and international accreditation such as ABEST21, AUN-QA, ISO and BAN-PT. At the national accreditation, FEB Unhas successfully obtained accreditation BAN-PT "A" on the whole program S1, Accreditation "A" on the Master of Management and Master of Regional Finance Accreditation "B" in the Master of Resource Economics, Master of Economic Planning and Development and Master of Accounting and Accreditation "A" on the Doctor of Economics.

On international accreditation, the Master of Management managed to get accreditation from ABEST21 (The Alliance On Business Education And Sholarship For Tomorrow Century Organization) located in Japan and S1 program in Economics who was following the accreditation process ABEST 21 and S1 Management program is following the accreditation process ASEAN University Quality Assurance (AUN-QA). Other than that FEB Hasanuddin International has also opened classes on courses S1 Economics, Management and Accounting with full learning conducted using English language and also in collaboration with various Universities Overseas Partners through study abroad programs. Furthermore, FEB UNHAS has also been collaborating with various universities of the Interior and related agencies in providing services Distance Learning and Blended Learning. Through these programs, FEB Unhas fully committed to present as educational institutions that create the best economic scholars for the Republic of Indonesia.

Finally, on behalf of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Hasanuddin, we welcome in FEB Unhas and hope that you (i) obtain a quality academic experience and the best service of UNHAS FEB.


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